General Summer Camp information.

We currently offer Summer camps for kids that are between the ages of 5 and 17, reserve your spot soon, because available space is limited!

Go to our calendar, search June through August, select the camp, register and pay for it through your account! A Special registration and waiver may require your signature.

Full Day
 Attending most or all of the days of Summer Camp for the fullest amount of time possible. 
  Full Day registration
$180 – Full Week
$150 – 4 days
$130 – 3 days
$110 – 2 days
$50- 1 day

  Half Day
 Attending only part of the Camp day periods, examples: 9AM-1:00 PM, or 1:00PM -5:00PM. are half day blocks.
 Half Day  Registration
$100 – Full week
$85 – 4 days
$75 – 3 days
$60 – 2 days
$40 – 1 day

Parkour camp number 1: June 25th, through June 29th.

Parkour camp number 2:  July 30th through August 3rd.

Ninja Camp Number 1: June 4th through June 8th.
Ninja Summer Camp sm- weblink
Ninja Camp Number 2: July 16th through July 20st

*2015 Ninja Camp video*

NOTE: Your camp cost MUST be paid before participation.
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****What to bring****
1. Water bottles. We unfortunately do not have access to a water fountain, so please bring your own. We do have bottled water for $1. if needed.
2. Lunch and two snacks. We will be taking some breaks for food.
3. Clothes appropriate for athletic activity. They need to be able to move well!
4. Clothes for outdoor play, and or clothes you can get wet. If the weather is nice, we go outside and play some games, and even have some water events!
5. Towel. Just in case we do a water game or event!
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Camp is an awesome opportunity for the aspiring ninja’s, flippers, martial artists, and more, to develop their skills and abilities through tons of fun games, and challenges! this is bound to be an awesome and rewarding experience that the kids will talk about and remember. This is also an excellent opportunity to get some extra special training on skills, exercises, and improving their flexibility.

If you, or someone you know may be interested in registering and or want more information, follow the provided links above, or please contact us using the contact us and we’ll get back to you!