Steve Kromin Level 2 certified instructor

Steve has always been climbing walls and jumping around since he was at a young age. He is a self taught Parkour practitioner, and grew up doing athletic activities like soccer and martial arts. He is a First Dan Black belt at New River Tang Soo Do, and hopes to join the Navy after college. He started coaching with us in Summer of 2018 and has since been increasing his experience with teaching. “I always had an instinct for parkour and didn’t even know I was doing it. I had been doing wall runs and tic-tacs before I even knew they were real techniques. As I got older I grew more of an interest in parkour from movies and video games, and as soon as I found out about Elijah and the parkour gym, I just had to apply for the job,” Steve says.

-CPR certified/first aid/AED
-Black Belt in Tang Soo Do.

-Level 2 Certified Parkour instructor through Blue Ridge Motion’s certification program.


Parkour, Martial arts, EMT, CPR certified/first aid/AED