What is Tumbling?
Tumbling consists of jumps, flips and rolls. It is full of powerful calisthenic (body weight) movements that will benefit every other areas of life and sports and will build proprioception (Body awareness in movement).

Our classes: Our classes are often high energy, lots of fun, and packed full of learning! We hold our coaches to a high coaching and mentoring standard, to keep students moving, progressing and learning in the movements. Physically, they promote great flexibility, strength, agility, balance and coordination, and so much more; we start with basics of tumbling and conditioning (rolling, jumping, landing, body postures, etc…) and work our way up through the more advanced tumbling and exercise movements to help form the student into a well functioning athlete. 
Everyone learns differently and at different paces, so we do the best we can to accommodate different learning styles and speeds. It is not about how quickly they learn, but about what they learn. In addition we try to provide them information that will help them train, avoid injuries, and even rehabilitate after an injury. Our aim is not to create Olympians, but to teach skills and movements for health, confidence building, and personal benefit; to make moving even more fun and exciting than it already is

Class Age Ranges
5-7       8 to 16      17 or older.

Class duration
1 hour