Fitness classes

Classes for Fitness are on hold until further notice. Sorry! 

We don’t need to tell you the multitude of benefits to exercising and stretching regularly, you’ve heard about it for years! Improved quality of sleep, higher energy levels, improved flexibility and strength, and that’s barely scratching the surface.

     Take charge of your health, and well being by joining our fitness and stretching classes.

   You’ll be learning from certified experts with extensive experience in physical training and athletic development, as well as getting a fun, challenging workout.

We focus primarily on what we call functional or dynamic body weight exercises (Calisthenics), to help develop you COMPLETELY so you become more mobile, agile, flexible and well… functional as a human being! So minimal weights are used in training.

Boot Camps
   No doubt you’ve heard of boot camps. Military style, high intensity physical training centered around body weight exercises and military drills, few things whip people into shape faster than doing these on a regular basis! If you’re into fitness, you’ll be into this!

Fitness Stretching classes
  These classes will be similar to yoga classes, but with more emphasis on the physical, postural and relaxing aspect of it and not so much the spiritual aspect of yoga itself. You would be doing many of the same poses, stretches and holds though.

Adult Parkour Fit classes.
Perhaps you aren’t looking to become the next world famous movie stunt actor, but you’re interested in being functional with your movements and having a lot of fun at the same time, well these classes take fitness to different heights, as you learn to climb, vault, and do basic parkour movements with a class emphasis being on fitness in general.