We have many great and valuable membership options to choose from!

Each membership comes with FREE Open gym and some include special discounts on Parties, events and camps!

Note that the month to month options will soon be gone, and we will switch over to a punch card and or contract system in 2020. 

Flexible options.

The rates you see are our standard rates, but we do work with peoples budgets, and finances to find a rate that can work for you and get you, or your little ones the training you need. We also consider barters and trades. We don’t believe money should be the reason you miss out. So just ask.

Multi-student discounts.

Bronze membership for 2 *$20 off*
Gold membership for 2  *$30 off*

Bronze for 3*$30 off*
Gold for 3  *$50 off*

Long distance discount!

If you live 20 miles or more away from your closest BRM gym, we will give you $10 off the membership you select, because we believe if you are determined enough to go that far on a regular basis, we want to make it easier on you too! Upon checkout for selected membership, use the promo code [iwouldwalk500miles]   


If you’ve never held a membership with us before, there is a one time $25 family registration fee (covers everybody in one). this charge will be added and auto debited from your account.

View all of our membership options.

Punch Cards!
Terms and policies.

 If you need flexibility, Punch cards are a good option. You will not receive a physical punch card. It is all digital.

Terms:  You are required to have the sessions paid for in full prior to participation. 
Cancellation Policy: If you wish to cancel, you simply must let us know, and we will either give you the rest of your sessions as a credit for something else, or you may get a partial refund. 
Duration: Each card is set to last for 3 months, but extensions can be made if necessary.

Terms and policies.

 If you want to save money, contracts are AWESOME!

Terms:  You will be required to sign a contract agreement to do scheduled monthly payments if you can’t pay in full upfront. All contracts are set to auto-renew after their finish date. You must inform us in writing (email, text or note) of your intent to cancel after the contract duration if you wish to discontinue after the contract period.
Cancellation Policy: If you’re on a month to month payment plan, and you wish to cancel early, you will have to pay 60% of the remaining contract balance at time of cancellation. If cancellation falls on the final month, you will have to pay the full amount for the final month.
Holds: We allow you to place your contract on hold for up to 3 months continuously or at different times for $10 per month. This holding fee is due at time of hold and will be auto paid at the time the hold is placed.