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Trial Pass:
$25 for a 10 day trial pass. That allows you to attend as many classes as you’d like within that period. If you sign up for classes within those 10 days, the trial cost will count towards your membership selection. Call us and Reserve your spot today.

Premium Membership Option

This is our BEST membership option. You get immense value and quality, as well as a faster progression through the training. Unlimited classes, open gyms, workshops, and discounted summer camps. This is the membership for the student that wants to progress quicker, and immerse themselves in Parkour, tricking, and movement. This membership will be a great compliment to any other sports or athletics you enjoy, and comes highly recommended for progression.

Standard membership option

Our standard membership allows one student to attend 2 classes a week. We feel two classes a week is a MUST for real progression to be seen. This membership also allows 1 free open gym pass a month, and is a great option if you aren’t able to come more often, but to see the best results, we recommend the Premium option because the more you can train, the better you will become.

We offer the most optimal and simple membership options.