Amazing opportunity to learn and play!

Open gym is a fun opportunity for kids and adults to come, play and get some energy out. It is also a good opportunity for some support in trying new skills, getting new inspiration from others trying new skills, and help from others in developing a new trick or fun thing you are learning. Open gyms are also a good way to experience the gym in a casual way. Come on in and hang out with the gang and lets move and have fun!

Virtually no age restrictions…

Over the age of 23? Guess what, we can take you! That’s right, you can continue to learn and develop your abilities here.   We do ask that participants be at least 7 or older for our later evening open gym times.

Standard Open Gym

We currently have two open gyms. The standard cost is $8 per attendee.

Tuesday at 8 pm-9:30 pm
Thursday at 8 pm-9:30 pm

Open gyms are not like classes. We  often end up doing challenges, or trying new skills. Coaches are there to assist and support if needed. All attendees are expected to adhere to the standard rules that are in place to keep everyone safe, and must act reasonably and safely within their skill ranges. Some nights we may offer workshops at additional cost where we will be doing a lesson on something specific and fun, so simply check when you come in if we are having any workshops you may be interested in.

Special Open Gym Events; Early Dismissal Open Gym, and Date Night Open Gym.

We have occasional special open gym events. The first is when school has early dismissal. We open the gym up early so people can come in and play and have an awesome time!

   Our second special open gym event is for the parents more or less… Whether you’re looking to go on a date with that special someone, or just to have something fun, positive, and good for the kids to do every once in a while, our Date Night Open Gym is just the thing for you!

  With up to 3 or more hours of play, we believe the kids will be adequately exhausted, and you will have some time away! 
Often times these events will have fruit, snacks, beverages, and food (usually pizza), but this varies depending on the night/event as well as option you choose.
  Usually we schedule these things for holidays such as; Valentines day, St. Patricks Day, New Year, Spring Break, Thanksgiving time, etc… You will just have to check the calendar for that month.

Ages: 5 or older.
Dates: Check our calendar.
Cost: Varies depending on event.

Things you should bring:
1. Water bottle.
2. clothes fit for athletic activities.
3. Good shoes for running and playing.

Why we do this: We love kids, and we believe that parents need a day where they can take off and enjoy each others company, or just get some things done that they wanted to get done. We also wanted some events in the area that were positive and fun for kids.