What is Parkour?
Parkour is a movement art, and discipline practiced all over the world today. It encompasses many forms of athleticism and has at it’s foundation the principles of “Natural movement” a method for developing yourself as put together by Georges Hébert, which involved training yourself in ways that developed you more fully. 
Parkour is many things to many people, to some it is a way of life, to others it is just a fun and safe form of exercise.  In Parkour, you will use movements involving, jumping, running, rolling, mantling, hurdling, and may even utilize flips, and or tumbling in your movements and training.
A Brief history: The word Parkour comes from a french word, parcours; meaning the course, or route. It has been a discipline in the making for some time now. It became popularized by a group of men that called themselves the Yamakasi (a lingala word meaning  “Strong in body and spirit”), a group of 9 original practitioners in the discipline helped develop and shape the future of Parkour as we know it. One of the more popularly known members in the US is David Belle, who started making the sport more popular in the US, through movies, videos, and commercials.

What are classes like? 
These classes are unique. We currently have 6 levels of training, starting from level 1 in our classes, boys and girls are trained in the basics of parkour movement (the fundamentals): rolling, safe landing techniques, basic vaults, basic wall runs, simply, the foundation for the movements but especially in learning to move safely. They also get a great physical education; we teach them about muscles, how they work, how to use them properly with different motion, and how different parts of your body work together with physics to make movement work. As for skills and other beneficial things: we teach them how to flip, fall safety, injury prevention, proper stretching and many skills that are useful in every day life through fun games, activities, and careful training. This is a class boys and young men are sure to love, and girls love it too! if you think this class would be great for you, or your child, or perhaps your child already runs up walls at home, bring them in and try it out! The First class is always FREE!

What all we offer in Parkour:
We offer classes for kids and adults in the listed age groups.
Ages, 5 or older. No age limit for who can learn. Anyone can learn at an appropriate skill level.

The Mission: Above teaching skills and techniques, we believe in being mentors and not just coaches; teaching them responsibility, integrity, good work ethics, honesty, and many more moral values that will carry over beyond parkour. our over-all goal is to give people an awesome physical education, teach them some unique movements and skills, and influence them to make good choices for their futures.