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The Best Parkour and Freerunning Training you can get!

What is Parkour?

Parkour is a movement art, and discipline where the practitioner uses their body to adapt their movement to their environment to overcome obstacles. Similar to obstacle courses, but the path is more defined by how you can get through, over, under or around obstacles in your path. Sounds fun? It is!

What is Free running?

Free running is like Parkour in many ways, but the focus is less on simply overcoming obstacles, and is more about adapting movement to go through an urban environment in an aesthetically pleasing or interesting way, utilizing flips, tricks and acrobatics to go through an environment rather than simply what is functionally more useful.

At Blue ridge Motion you get the best in the NRV. We have the only certified Parkour and Freerunning coaches in the NRV, certified through multiple organizations.  We have developed a 6 level training program designed to gradually take you from the most basic levels of movement to the most advanced movements.  We are also an American Parkour Affiliate Gym.

What we teach, you will NOT be able to learn other places. Our standards, experience, and knowledge simply surpass all others trying to offer similar programs in the NRV. Here, you get the authentic, real deal.

What classes should I take first?

We require everyone to start in an Introductory class (a class prior to our level 1 classes) where you will be learning basics on safety, our student expectations, and learning fundamental things about Parkour, Freerunning, exercise, and movement in general.  These are the sort of foundation works for helping you progress. From there you move up as you reach the various levels of progression

Barely any Age restrictions! 

We can teach anybody, it doesn\’t matter if you\’re 5 or 95! We offer classes for kids AND adults (we even have taught a few seniors). The standard kids classes are listed by level, and the adult classes are listed simply by \”adult Parkour class\”

Ages 5-6. 
This is an awesome age to move! We try to accommodate these ages into regular level classes, but should the demand become higher, we plan on opening up classes specifically for this age range. The ones we have now LOVE the classes. Bring em\’ in and lets give them a try!
Ages 7-15
. This is our most common age range, and you\’ll find these ages all across the board. Perfect ages to start their movement training.
Ages 16 and older. We consider these guys adults. We allow 16 year old\’s and 17 year old\’s to continue in the leveled classes if they prefer, but they can also attend the adult classes.

What to expect for my first class…

We build you up, so you don\’t tare yourself down! Our curriculum is designed to make you proficient in falling, recovering and landing with expert precision; starting softly with mats, and ultimately being able to use all those techniques on hard surfaces. In addition to that we focus on making you stronger, more agile, more flexible and more capable. Don\’t come expecting to master everything in a short time. The body needs time to grow, and strengthen. We are here to help you become your best, not make you look good until you can\’t move well anymore.

Here is an idea of what a beginner class may look like.

The Mission:

Above teaching skills and techniques, we believe in being mentors and not just coaches; teaching them responsibility, honor,  integrity, good work ethics, honesty, and many more moral values that will carry over beyond parkour. Our over-all goal is to give people an awesome physical education, teach them unique movements and skills, and influence them to make good choices for their futures, and learn to overcome the obstacles in their life.