What is Parkour?
Parkour is a movement art, and discipline where the practitioner uses their body to adapt their movement to their environment to overcome obstacles. Similar to obstacle courses, but the path is more defined by how you can get through, over, under or around obstacles in your path.

What is Free running?
Free running is like Parkour in many ways, but the focus is less on simply overcoming obstacles, and is more about adapting movement to go through an urban environment in an aesthetically pleasing or interesting way, utilizing flips, tricks and acrobatics to go through an environment rather than simply what is functionally more useful.

Brief history.
Parkour’s foundation comes from a man named Georges Hébert, which developed a training method called “The natural method” which involved training yourself in ways that developed you more fully/functionally, and more naturally. The motto for this training method translated to the expression “Being fit, to be useful” which along the way was taught to a man named Raymond Belle, who taught his son, David Belle, who with a group of friends developed it into a formal discipline, and through social media made the sport more popular all around the world. A friend of David Belle’s, named Sebastian Foucan, made the sport popular in the UK under the name Free running which took a more liberal approach to training and expression of movement, and David Belle made it popular as Parkour, which is considered a more rigid discipline for training to be more functional than aesthetic.

What are our classes like? 
   We currently have 6 levels of training; Beginner/intro, intermediate beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Intermediate, Advanced, and Instructor in training.  We require everyone to start in a level 1 class and to do at LEAST 1 (one) class for level one. If they excel, we put them in an appropriate level range. In all classes, we teach them, fall safety, injury prevention, proper stretching, how to isolate muscle groups in stretching and conditioning, how to flip, and all the techniques associated with Parkour and Free running, from bars, to walls, to vaults, to floor maneuvers, and many skills that are useful in every day life through fun games, activities, and careful training.
We build you from the ground up, and teach you how to teach yourself.

 We also try to give you a basic understanding of biology, anatomy and physiology,  so you can better understand how to use your body and control it.
This is a class boys and girls of all ages enjoy! if you think this class would be great for you, or your child, or perhaps your child already runs up walls at home, bring them in and try it out! The First class is always FREE and we want you to feel welcome like a member of the family!
Here is an idea of what a beginner class may look like.

Age restrictions? 
We can teach anybody! We offer classes for kids AND adults. The standard kids classes are listed by level, and the adult classes are listed simply by “adult Parkour class” in which the training is a little easier pace, so we can make sure to develop those good new habits and make sure we have an understanding of falling, rolling, etc…
Ages, 7-17. This age range is for the level classes.
Ages 5-6 have their own Parkour fitness class which is a fun class preparing their bodies for the more rigorous activities of Parkour through games and training, but the emphasis is less focused on drops, and jumps, because we want their bodies to have time to develop and strengthen. 

The Mission: Above teaching skills and techniques, we believe in being mentors and not just coaches; teaching them responsibility, honor,  integrity, good work ethics, honesty, and many more moral values that will carry over beyond parkour. Our over-all goal is to give people an awesome physical education, teach them some unique movements and skills, and influence them to make good choices for their futures, and learn to overcome the obstacles in their life.