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2018 Summer Camp Video.

Camp Date and registration link.
August 3rd  –  7th

Please note if you have been sick within two weeks of the camp date that you should not attend. Anyone who has signed up and is unable to attend for that reason will receive a refund.

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What camp is like…

Camp is an awesome activity packed opportunity to expand your kids experiences. We teach them obstacle coursing, parkour, free running, martial arts tricking, new games, and do lots of fun activities, and even some cool crafts. We also go outside a lot and teach them the importance of outdoor activity, nutrition, and discuss many fun topics to help them grow as people, athletes and friends. We emphasize teamwork, humility, and service to others through games and challenges. Camp is more than just an opportunity to exhaust your kids, it’s an opportunity for them to better themselves and develop themselves. Camp is about making a difference in their life, not just a difference in their energy levels.  Many of our former campers are excited year round for our camp, so come and see what it’s all about and get the expert training from the pros.

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Option 1: Select the camp option you want to sign up for above, and follow the registration process. (If you already have an account, then just sign in and select the camp you want).
Option 2: Go to our calendar, search July through August, select the camp, register and pay for it through your account!

Price Options

Full Day

Attending most or all of the days of Summer Camp for the fullest amount of time possible. 
  Full Day registration options
$250 – Full Week
$225 – 4 days
$175 – 3 days
$145 – 2 days
$100 – 1 day

  Half Day

 Attending only part of the Camp day periods.
 Half Day  Registration options
$150 – Full week
$135 – 4 days
$115 – 3 days
$100 – 2 days
$75 – 1 day

NOTE: Your camp cost MUST be paid before participation. Full refunds are only available 2 weeks prior to camp start date. Any refunds after this period are refunded 50% or can be put towards your account as a credit for other things we offer. 
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****What to bring****
1. Water bottles. We unfortunately do not have access to a water fountain, so please bring your own. We do have bottled water for $1. if needed, and kids can refill in the sink if necessary.
2. Lunch and two snacks. We will be taking some breaks for food.
3. Clothes appropriate for athletic activity. They need to be able to move well!
4. Clothes for outdoor play, and or clothes you can get wet. If the weather is nice, we go outside and play some games, and even have some water events!
5. Towel. Just in case we do a water game or event!
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