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The Best classes for Tricking!

What is Tricking

Tricking, is a training discipline that combines martial arts kicks with flips and twists from gymnastics as well as many dance moves and styles from break-dancing and martial arts. It aims to achieve an aesthetic display of different combinations of “tricks”.

Tricking and Tumbling Classes.

We can take you from a complete novice that just learned to roll, to an advanced tricker! You’ll learn basics in gymnastics tumbling, break dance, martial arts kicks, strikes and movements, and will then be learning to combine these skills to form tricking combos! This is a class your inner aspiring ninja will LOVE!

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Flip Master Classes.

Our Flip Master classes are deigned to spend 4 or more weeks working on and developing a single movement or skill such as back flips, front flips, side flips or any flips! We take the time to establish the firm foundation of the movements, then when you’re ready to move on, you learn the next phase of the movement, whether that’s doing it off a wall, off the top of an obstacle, off a bar or into another trick. The Flip Master classes are made for you to perfect specific things.

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New Classes will start the beginning of New Year! 

Register early for a massive discount and take part in this awesome program, if you register early, then you get to keep that special membership price!  Contact us and reserve your spot today!

Below is a popular youtube video featuring a lot of high level trickers explaining further what tricking is. 

The Mission:
Above teaching skills and techniques, we believe in being mentors and not just coaches; teaching them responsibility, integrity, good work ethics, honesty, and many more moral values that will carry over beyond Tricking. our over-all goal is to give people an awesome physical education, teach them some unique movements and skills, and influence them to make good choices for their futures. Sound good to you? Come on in and try a free class! These classes are lot of fun and we think they will think so too!