Looking for something Fun, and FREE in the NRV? You’ve come to the right place! Join us the first Sunday of every month for the Community Parkour day!

Event Cost! This event is FREE. but we will accept donations if you choose to give one. No pressure, no obligation, just give if you are impressed to give and wanting to help Parkour grow, but whether you give or not, please come and use the space! The money for these community days will go towards helping us grow parkour in our community. A long term goal is to expand the gym, and even someday build a public park for Parkour, but we also want to see what community projects we can get involved in, and how we can benefit the community with our programs. If you have any ideas, just let us know.

What time?

We normally start at 4 PM and end at 7:30 or just whenever we are all too tired to play more. The point of this event is to have fun right?!

What is this for?

Parkour is perhaps one of the most unique sports in terms of it’s community. I have never seen a sport more supportive and helpful than Parkour. About any place you go in the Parkour world, you will find the community is about the same. Parkour is not a contest, and it’s not about being superior to anyone. It’s about being better than you were yesterday. It’s about play, enjoying movement, health and challenging yourself to overcome obstacles in your path. We are just doing our part to build this awesome community by showing YOU what it is all about.

What Days?

Below is the entire 2019 community day schedule. You can click one of the days below to register early and sign your waiver prior to coming in so the fun can begin immediately.  March 3rd    April 7th   May 5th   June 2nd   July 7th   August 4th   September 1st    October 6th   November 3rd   December 1st

What to expect.

It is usually an open gym format with light instruction for new people, beginners, or just those that want it. There are usually a decent amount of people attending, so we can’t always focus on just one or more individuals, especially if there are only 1 or 2 of us working the community day.  Sometimes we try to offer specialty seminars for people too! So be sure to check if you’re interested in something we are offering. (seminars are usually at an extra cost)

Where do we meet?

At our gym location in Christiansburg!  Sometimes we meet earlier at other special places like college campuses and other training places that we invite everyone to join us at, but you just have to ask if we will be doing that. 

Who is this for?

This is a time for almost ANYONE that wants to come. Kids, adults, seniors, as long as you are able bodied and wanting to learn, we can teach you something. We suggest the age be limited to 7 and older, and do allow kiddos as young as 5 years old, as long as they are being watched and followed by a parent or guardian. As you can imagine, kids that young with a bunch of people working on parkour techniques and all can be more difficult for us to manage while also helping people.

Why are we doing this?

We love our community, people, and we love Parkour. We know it will be a benefit to whoever practices it physically, and psychologically! The more people that do it with us, the more fun it will be.

Our company goal is to make a notable difference in everyone’s life through what we do. So now, there are no excuses for you not to come.
It’s an opportunity to learn for free and get some exercise!

So please reserve a spot. This event will be held at our facility, and as it expands in the future, we will likely branch out into different places! So come, tell your friends, car pool and make it a special time each month, you can’t afford NOT to! 🙂