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For the time being, this event (which usually took place at out gym) has been canceled however we do post on the facebook page when we go outside to train, so follow us on there to stay updated.

This event is often in a informal class like setting. We will offer some instructions and training, and help people learn.

Where we meet.
We meet at Parks, schools, college campuses, and playgrounds around Christiansburg, Radford, Blacksburg, and Floyd. We post about location on the facebook page.

Who can come.
Everybody is welcome. adults and or kids. please note we are not babysitters, if you bring your kids, you’re still responsible for them and their well being.

This is supposed to be a fun time to build friendships and train together and to learn from one another. Make it awesome by helping others achieve skills and tricks.

Why are we doing this?

We love our community, people, and we love Parkour. We know it will be a benefit to whoever practices it physically, and psychologically! The more people that do it with us, the more fun it will be.

Our company goal is to make a notable difference in everyone’s life through what we do. So now, there are no excuses for you not to come.
It’s an opportunity to learn for free and get some exercise!

So if these take place in our facility, please reserve a spot. If not, just come on out to where ever we are training. Tell your friends, car pool and make it a special time each month, you can’t afford NOT to! 🙂