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December Update


November came and went before we knew it, now it’s December and already almost Christmas time! Read on for some important stuff, awesome news and good deals! 

Closing dates! Winter Break mini Camp!
We will not be having usual classes from the 24th (Monday) through to January 1st. but will resume the usual schedule on the 2nd of January 2019. Can’t believe 2019 is already about here!! Don’t worry though, we wont leave you high and dry. Winter Break might mean you have too much time on your hands (at least your kids). Well we are willing to offer a day camp event if we can get at least 8 people signed up. Just email us and let us know, and we will do it! Time would be from 9AM to 4:30PM and would cost ya about $75 for the 3 days (What a deal, right?!) if you’re already a student with us, and $85 if you are not currently an active student holding a membership (Discount for multiple students as well)  So please, just let us know if you want a winter break mini camp and we will do it. **As always flexible finance options and barter is considered as well so just let us know and we would be happy to make it happen for you.**

Some good and exciting things coming this new year!
We want to have the best movement facility around to accommodate our loyal customers and friends, so be looking forward to a couple of new things we will be offering in the next few months! It would not be possible without YOU.

We will also be putting out some new years specials, and special events, so be watching for those!

NEW MERCH coming soon! We are excited to announce we are stepping up our game with more clothes and options for you guys, so be looking out for that as they would make great gifts and are unique shirts and designs.
New deals on memberships; Everything will be the same, but you will have MORE options…. Contracts with terms ranging from 3-12 months, each of which will save you a decent amount of money, but the cost will be upfront and require a signed agreement and a credit card on file.  We will also be offering extra courses for low rates for students as well as intro courses and more for others at very decent rates at contracts for 6-8 Weeks. 

New referral option that will make referring even better! Initially, we offered a $15 credit to anyone who would bring someone in or if they come in and say YOU sent them, and they sign up for a membership, well now it’s even better! We have discount cards we have printed off, and they offer some significant discounts, this is in an effort to promote our gyms growth and you guys are a big part of that. Part of this program is that you can take the coupon codes and give them to friends you believe to be interested. If they come in and redeem one and tell us you sent them, we will give you a $20 credit towards your membership. If two get sent in, we give you $40 off, and for a third, you get a free month of the membership of your choice! So here is the good part, if you can get us 5 new members, you can come for free for the duration of their memberships as often as you want. this is subject to some unique requirements, the main one being they have to be new kids that haven’t been with us before. 

New Classes for different people! We will be adding a new member to our team come February or so. He is a certified MoveNat Guy, who will be offering classes on natural movement, rehabilitating people, and it will be a great class for people wanting to regain their mobility. This will be an awesome option and there will be more details to come! 

Tumbling classes! We will also be looking into the possibility of adding classes specifically for tumbling/Tricking. let us know if you’re interested!

Health and Wellness! We will be doing some very interesting things in the next year and will be offering a very unique and effective therapy treatment for our students and families that will improve your over all health and has zero side effects or risks.  Be waiting to hear more on that! The only thing holding us back from starting it is money, so if you’re interested in being an investor with us, ask Elijah about the project, and see if you might be interested in being part of it. We offer many perks to those that help us. 

Community Parkour day.
Don’t forget! The first sunday of each month is community Parkour day! Our next one will be January 6th. We hope you can come out and Jump around!  Also due to the lateness of the day, we will be doing the community session starting at 4PM instead of starting at 6PM. Adults can come too! and YES it is still FREE and you are welcome to come and enjoy.

Policies and procedures. 
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Special Thanks!
Thank you to everyone that has supported us thus far, we strive to deliver the best physical training we can to you and to help you, your family and friends succeed, get in shape and learn to overcome all obstacles. 
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