New Year Specials!

New year is here, and so are the deals!!  Time for some deals to help you all get back on track with your goals and fitness plans!
For the month of January only, a special rate is being given for a bulk purchase of private lessons! That’s one-on-one private instruction. Best yet, you can share your private lessons with a buddy for FREE.
   Right now, come in, give us a call, or email us to get 4 private lessons for $60! That’s a huge savings, and a great deal to get you started back on the path of fitness, or to learn some new things!
  We currently do private lessons for some using Parkour to lose weight, and personalize all our private sessions towards the individual, so that means you get REAL instruction from experts to help YOU develop, reach your goals, and improve. We want you to be your best self, which is why for January only we are also offering you the chance to purchase as many bulk private sessions as you like!
  Again, this is a great deal! It’s 4 private lessons in whatever area you would like to develop whether fitness, Parkour, Tricking, or other, you can split the cost with a friend and go 50/50 on them, or you can just bring your friend along and let them participate in the workout/training.
  We look forward to working with you, and helping you achieve your goals!

Birthday Party deals!
   Book your party this month for any future date offered, and secure your party for 30% OFF the listed prices given in our party section of our site! **usual terms for birthday parties as expressed on birthday parties page, full payment required to be made at booking.**

Birthday Parties