September Update.

September Update

 Thank you everyone for your patience! We are excited to be coming back to you in the next month and bringing you some good deals, and some interesting and unique events! Please read on for more information. 

When do classes start back?!
SEPTEMBER 3rd is the first day back to a regular schedule. For details please check our website calendar for the classes/times. We are starting classes back in Christiansburg, and our Floyd classes.  So sign back up and reserve your class times!

BRM is back Party!
Lets play some games, win some prizes, do some challenges and have a good time! Friday the 31st we will be hosting a little party at the gym from 4-8:15. We hope you can make it! This event is for adults and kids alike!  Prices will vary depending on what you want to do! Please check this link for details…
Party event link!

Community Parkour day.
Once a month we will host a community day for Parkour at our gym or in various locations. This is an event for everyone, kids, adults, etc.. This is an opportunity to come, train, learn and play! Instead of charging for this event, we are going to do this event based on what ever you decide to give. We want to grow the community in our beautiful NRV region and make Parkour a part of things, so if you want to give, give what you are impressed to give, and if you don’t, just come and train and have fun, no pressure, no obligation! The money we gather will be used to help us grow the local parkour community. This will be the first Sunday of each month. Locations and times will vary, please just check our calendar and facebook, or website for information, and details.  Click here for the event details!
   Our first one will be held at our gym in Christiansburg on Sunday (September 2nd) at 5:00 pm and will run until 6:30 pm. (we may stay longer if there is enough people hanging out so please, bring your friends and family and come play! Adults welcome too)

The Bible games!
September 29th (Saturday evening) at 4:00 pm and will run til 5:30. This will be our first ever Bible games event!
We are excited to present to you, a different experience. A more immersive way to learn the bible!
We are going to teach the bible, and it’s messages through games and activities that will in a more real way, root the understanding of God’s word in our youths minds by taking part in it themselves. The theme for this one
Click here to register and reserve your spot!

Current Specials!

1. Back to school party! 20% off any party option you choose now through September.
2. Now through September, 1 private lesson $25, or 2 private lessons $45.
Referral program.
Don’t forget, the more you help us, it helps you! For every person that comes in and mentions you by name when they sign up for at least one month, you get $15 off your membership the following month. That means if your child can bring 4 friends that sign up you’re sitting on a free month! The more people that come in because of you, the more benefits we will give for your support. We couldn’t do all this without you, so we want to make your life better. Hand out our cards, tell your friends, and we’ll help you too!

Policies and procedures. 
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Policies and Procedures. 

Special Thanks!
Thank you to everyone that has supported us thus far, we strive to deliver the best physical training we can to you and to help you, your family and friends succeed, get in shape and learn to overcome all obstacles.

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