Simeon Bowen Master instructor

Simeon Bowen has been coaching with Blue Ridge Motion since 2014 and is the right hand man of the gym.  Simeon is the second person in the NRV to be a certified Parkour instructor. He was certified in February of 2018 by APK Academy in Washington D.C.
He has been practicing Parkour since the age of 10 and has a real passion for moving, flipping, video, music, greatly enjoys teaching, has a great sense of humor and enjoys being goofy. His abilities and talents continue to show as he develops himself physically and mentally. He enjoys making Youtube videos, and creating lo-Fi hip hop, EDM and trap music and can be found on Spotify under the name, Sound Ninja
He also makes Parkour videos if you wish to check them out, you can do so by clicking the Youtube link. or clicking HERE.

– Certified Parkour Instructor: APK Academy, Washington D.C. February 2018.


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